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Hello! I’m Ekaterina aka Katy, the creative soul behind KatyTricot.

Originally from Russia, I found my home in France in 2005 – time, when I quit my day job and picked up needles to rediscover a true passion for knitting. Seven years later, I began to design patterns for my little daughter who is the inspiration behind my creations.

My designs run from cute accessories to comfortable garments. Some feature playful animal characters with a naive, whimsical quality to them that perfectly suit both children and grown ups. They are so fun & addictive you can’t wait to knit them again and again 

Others combine minimalism and simplicity with coziness and attention to details to make them unique.

I get inspired by the beauty of nature, music, paintings, smell of wool and the touch of wooden needles.

I love the versatility of knitting. Whether it is the techniques or the types of yarn, you learn something new every day! There are no limits to what you want to create, you just let your imagination run. Also I love how meditative it is. If I happen to have a stressful day, I knit a few rows, and the stress is stitched away.

I focus on creating logical and clear, high-quality patterns with beautiful illustrations, photos and I like to provide a lot of sizes. It thrills me to hear how many people around the world have made knits with a pattern of mine.

I love to knit, and I want you to love knitting too! 


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